What are CNC Cutting And Molding Machines?

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Automated Machinery


After the rise of stamping and moldings industries all over the world, different types of technologies and machines were invented for molding of dies, punches and inserts. One of the machines which is most frequently used in stamping and molding industry are CNC  machines, the origination of the word Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine came from the root word computer numerical code. The machine is most frequently used in vertical millers, lathes, routers and most excessively in shaping of different moulds like dies, punches, inserts, cutting tools, index able tools and of course high precision as well as low precision stamping parts.

An independent technological survey organization after heavy scrutiny , analysis and market research of CNC machines has come to a very informative conclusion that people and companies are considering CNC machines because of the following advantages


1)     Can be used continuously for a whole day

2)     It has to switched off only for the purpose of maintainace

3)     The machine is cost effective

4)     The machine has long durability

5)     The machine has low maintainace cost

6)     The machine is a low energy consumer.

Due to following advantages precision molding manufacturers  around the world are making use of this technology to give an accuracy to their products.


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